Kylie Jenner Has Dyed Her Hair Again

Kylie Jenner lives and dies for changing up her hair color, but on Tuesday night she did something surprising.

She dyed her hair the same jet black color it’s been for the past few months.

Shocking, right?

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Ever since Kylie ditched her ice queen blonde locks a few months ago, she’s been keeping her hair klassic Kardashian black.

DropOne @kendallandkylie Coming Soon

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tag a friend with brown eyes 👁👀

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But as any dark-haired babe who’s dared to bleach her hair can tell you, the choice to go back to your roots annoyingly takes a lot of upkeep.

Kylie will likely have to keep dying her hair jet black for another month or two unless she wants to have an ombre situation on her hands, which would have been cute three years ago, but just makes you seem basic now.



Curse you, follicles.

Why are you so slow to get the memo we’ve moved on with our lives?

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