J. Lo has more followers than Rihanna and other disturbing Instagram comparisons

When it comes to which celebrities have the most Instagram followers, most of us aren’t experts.

Maybe you know Selena Gomez has the most, maybe you know Kim and Kylie are up there, and that’s more or less it because you have a full-time time life on your hands and aren’t a psycho.

But when it comes to rounding out the top 100 users, there are enough surprises to make your eyes roll round and round in your head socket until you have to crawl under a table and rock yourself back to sanity.

Here are some of our favorite disturbing finds.

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Shakira has more followers than Gigi Hadid


Sure, five years ago Gigi Hadid was just another Real Housewives of Beverly Hills child nobody knew and Shakira was a household name, but can you name something Shakira’s done in the past two years that wasn’t being Zootopia?

Which isn’t to say Zootopia isn’t a GREAT movie, just that Shakira was an animated antelope in Zootopia, so that should count less.

To add insult to injury, Shakira’s managed to accomplish this feat by only posting 719 times and following 58 people.

Gigi on the other hand has posted 2,406 times and follows 881 people.

If only Gigi’s hips didn’t lie then all of this might have been avoided.

Vanessa Hudgens has more followers than Lady Gaga


Although Vanessa Hudgens and Lady Gaga are both largely famous because of things that happened about ten years ago, they are very different kinds of famous.

Lady Gaga is at that point in her career where she’s performing at the Super Bowl and Vanessa Hudgens is at that point in her career where she’s calling the paparazzi to get a picture of her slurping on a green juice after yoga.

Honestly, good for Vanessa Hudgens.

This is a genuinely impressive accomplishment on her part.

Lady Gaga, you should maybe be embarrassed though.

Scott Disick has more followers than Chanel


Chanel is one of the most well-known and well-loved luxury brands of all time and Scott Disick is the baby daddy of the least well-known Kardashian sister.

And he’s not even hot!

If this isn’t a testament to the power of Kardashian branding, I don’t know what is.

Zendaya has more followers than NASA


This is literally out of this world to me!

Maybe it shouldn’t be because Zendaya is millennial eye candy and NASA is boring science, but I am meticulously picking myself up the floor right now and cannot be reached for further comment.

Adele has more followers than the NBA


Whenever Adele releases a song, it immediately becomes the only song the radio and all your friends know how to play, but people are RABID about sports.

Then again, I guess people are also rabid about Adele, so maybe this one actually makes a lot of sense.

Never mind.

Justin Timberlake has more followers than Cara Delevingne



Justin Timberlake is a dad who sings songs about trolls and Cara Delevingne is a social media supermodel who’s besties with some of the most followed and talked about girls in the world!

Clearly, this is another Shakira/Gigi Hadid case.

You just can’t beat the name recognition of somebody who’s been A-list famous for over a decade.

J. Lo has more followers than Rihanna


We all love Jenny from the block, but would you ever in a million years bet that she’d have over ten million more followers than Rihanna?

If anything, you’d think J. Lo had ten million less followers than Rihanna and consider that a generous estimate.

No wonder Drake’s dropping J. Lo’s name in songs now.

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Kourtney Kardashian has more followers than Rihanna


TBH though, J. Lo is the least of Rihanna’s concerns when it comes to disturbing Instagram comparisons, because the least famous Kardashian sister also has more followers than Rihanna.

Victoria’s Secret has more followers than Rihanna


And so does the world’s most basic lingerie brand.

Riri, you got to step your game up. You’re getting owned all over the place.

Chris Brown has more followers than Drake



That one’s gotta hurt.

Although look on the plus side Rihanna, at least you have WAY more followers than both your exes.

At least you’ll always have that.

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