Kylie Jenner’s New Blushes Have Incredibly Sexual Names

Makeup names are always kind of silly and arbitrary, but Kylie Jenner just named her inaugural line of blushes such incredibly sexual names that we have to, well, blush.

“If you know me you know my favorite product is BLUSH,” Kylie announced on Snapchat Monday afternoon, before unveiling her newest line of makeup products, while Drake sweetly serenaded her about not getting spray tans anymore in the background.

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#Song – Blem – Drake (Isn’t #Morelife AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️)

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Basically, it seemed like a business-as-usual Kylie Cosmetics roll out, but then, she lined up all the boxes in a row and casually instructed us to use our eyes to read what she decided to name them:

X-Rated, Barely Legal, Virginity, Hot and Bothered, and then for all her under 16 fans who still need to ask their parents to buy them everything, she also named one Hopeless Romantic.

What’s your #fav name? 👀

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Granted, there’s something inherently sexual about blush and brands have had tremendous success with naming their blushes after sex-related things, like when NARS came out with their “Orgasm” blush, so-called because it supposedly looked great on everybody, but c’mon Kylie, “Barely Legal”?

Girl, that’s sus and you know it.

You and Tyga obviously have a love that will outlast us all, but in general, older dudes scooping up barely legal ladies is skeez.

That being said, it’s a fantastic blush color and the youth of America will probably buy it up like hotcakes simply because of the name, so it’s probably a genius marketing tactic.

Oh, the complicated politics of branding.

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