Kylie Finally Did a Topless Photo Shoot

While it’s hard to top Paper’s brilliant decision to depict Kylie Jenner as a plastic doll on their cover last year, Complex is trying.

The very first words of her new interview with the magazine, “Kylie Jenner has decided to go topless,” make it clear that they know you didn’t click on the feature to hear KyKy wax poetic about her life, you came to see what her first topless photo shoot looked like.

After kicking out all the boys except for Tyga, Complex writes that she, “leans on her right leg, cups her breasts, and whips her lofty ponytail back and forth. ‘Yassss, Kylie!’ someone screams.”

You almost feel like you’re there, right?

Honestly, it’s a genius marketing move on their part.

Whether you love Kylie or just love to hate her, as pervy as it sounds, literally everybody wants to see her topless.

Check out the full story here and make sure you keep reading past the first three paragraphs because the entire interview is filled with gems like Khloé telling a story about how KyKy’s preteen “uniform often consisted of red-and-black fishnets and the blackest eyeliner she could find. ‘We were like, ‘What is going on? Kylie, you can’t dress like this!’ But she just did not care.'”  

Pure poetry.

[H/T Complex]


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