This Kylie-Approved Natural Lip Scrub Is a Must for Any Product Junkie

A heavy-duty lip look has been the jam for the past few years, but wearing liner, lipstick, and gloss every single day can seriously wreak havoc on your pout.

A girl at the MAC counter once told me the best way to combat the flaky dryness that comes with daily lipstick use was to brush my lips, like with an actual toothbrush.

Do not do that. You will cut your lips open.

Instead, try a lip scrub and gloss duo like Mizzi’s Whipped Lip Scrub ($13) and Simply Citrus balm ($12), two products that are actually built to exfoliate and nourish your lips, not the surface of your teeth.

The whipped scrub contains actual sugar to wipe away all the detritus and dead skin that can build up after a day of strenuous lipstick-wearing. It also has essential oils and honey. The balm you put on after scrubbing has antioxidants, vitamin C, and a super glossy finish that highlights your lips without looking overdone. It also smells delicious — it’s perfect as an overnight ritual or a daytime gloss.

As a bonus, this duo has been co-signed by Kylie Jenner, who featured it on her website. And if anyone knows about lip maintenance, it’s the queen of the lip kit.

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