Kris Jenner Finally Got Kylie To Name a Lip Kit After Her

After four metallics, seven glosses and 13 mattes, Kris Jenner finally got Kylie to stop messing around and name a lip kit after her already.

Patiently, Kris had to sit there and smile while Kylie named a lip kit after Kris’s mom, Kris’s daughter Kourtney and Kris’s daughter Khloé, while her youngest daughter blatantly ignored the most important woman of them all: Kristen Jenner herself.

“Seriously,” we imagine Kris thought to herself before going to bed every single night since Kylie released her first round of lip kits in November, “wasn’t making that bitch famous enough to get me my own frickin color?”

Lo and behold, it was.

On Friday, Kylie announced her three new shades for the summer, one of which is a “beautiful strawberry matte” named Kristen.

Because in case you forgot, once upon a time, that’s what people called Kris Jenner.

KRISTEN. I fell in love with this beautiful strawberry matte! Launching July 20th @ 3pm. #newshadealert #SummerSurprises

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Would it have been better if Kylie had called it Kris? Or Kris K? Or even mommie dearest?


But you know what, Kris doesn’t seem too mad about it, so neither can we.

Kristen! Named after @krisjenner and coming to on July 20 💋

A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

Congrats, Kris.

At long last, the respect you deserve.

Now go back to figuring out how your children can run the world by 2020, kay?

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