Kylie Jenner Finally Released Her Lip Kit And No Surprise, It’s Sold Out

Yesterday our covergirl Kylie Jenner started posting countdown pictures on both her own Instagram and Lipkitbykylie, the handle for her long awaited lip product line. There has been talk for months about whether or not and when these products would be released. It seems that after so many rumors about her lips and talk about her love for a good lipliner, Jenner has finally cashed in. She first teased the three shades, Dolce K, a dusty rose nude color, Candy K, a pinker toned nude, and True Brown, which as the same says, is the hue that she’s been rocking for a while and no one has quite been able to pin down the shade until now.

The website went live this morning, and some sources are saying completely sold out in less than a minute. Each Lip Kit by Kylie comes with a lipliner and a liquid matte lipstick, which the site describes as “Homogenous color in natural nudes and deep browns give unparalleled comfort and wear. The oil free formula has 25% pigment which provides instant  color. The perfect blend of waxes, silicone and polymers give you smooth and easy glide color, with longwearing properties” and dry down to a “powdery-soft, matte finish”. Kylie Jenner’s pout is basically the thing she’s most known for now, you know, besides being part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so there’s no doubt that her products live up to the infamy.

She had earlier spoken to Yahoo before the release on what her line would include and said , “I’m going to keep that a secret, but it’s a kit and I am super invested. I have been going to the factories, making the shades perfect, because I’m super particular about my lip color. I wanted to make three perfect shades to start off.” Now that the secret is out of the bag, now all we’re waiting for is a speedy restock so we can attempt the #KylieJennerLipChallenge – without bruising the eff out of our faces.

Check out all the hyped up products for yourself below.

40 minutes 😱

A photo posted by Lip Kit By Kylie (@lipkitbykylie) on

Dolce K, Candy K, TrueBrown K. More info soon

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A photo posted by Lip Kit By Kylie (@lipkitbykylie) on

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