Krewella Reminds Us To Celebrate the Little Things in Life

The sister duo known as Krewella has some of the hottest and catchiest tracks you’ll ever hear. Coming off their EP release “Ammunition” this past summer, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf are exploring sounds of multiple different genres — and from the sound of their newest single, “Team,” it seems like it’s working out.

“Team” has a hook that’ll get trapped in your skull and likely never leave, as the girls sing, “I don’t need a crown to be king.” It’s the ultimate celebration song. The video also shows us ways to celebrate with your squad, and the girls have given us a list of things to celebrate on a daily basis.

Check the sick video and track, and then peep the things you and your squad should party about… just because you can.

1. Sisterhood

“Since moving to LA from Chicago 4 years ago, our cousin Nida and our older sister Aisha followed us out here. Once every couple weeks we make it a point to have a girls night with cheap wine and junk food. We sometimes get happy emo and sentimental (especially if we’re all PMSing), where we talk about how lucky we are that us four little women made it a point to stay together despite grown up shit.”

2. Hard Work

“After the end of a grueling, sleepless tour, we love to celebrate the end of a good run with a few beers or champagne in plastic cups with our tour crew in the green room.”

3. Health

“We both clean eat and workout almost everyday. Maintaining such a healthy and disciplined routine makes celebrating with naughty food once in awhile feel so rewarding, and knowing that we stayed strong!”

4. Spending Time with Family on Holidays

“Holidays are socially constructed ideas, but when you tour for years and miss out on them, you realize that what you’re missing out on is a beautiful family gathering. In the past couple years, we’ve made it a point to rally up the family for epic home cooked meals on holidays when we’re home. Some of the best moments of our lives are spent squeezed together on our dining room table bench sharing great conversation.”

5. Youth

“Drinking without a hangover! It’s the little victories in life, am I right? When you go hard the night before and wake up like nothing happened — I think that’s quite the cause for celebration as we creep into our mid-20s AKA the hangover central years. Always appreciating our younger years is so important because life moves so quickly.”

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