Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Fitspo Is Herself

Kim Kardashian became goals squared today when she posted a video to her app about how lately, her fitness inspiration is her own damn self (with a little help from Gunnar Peterson).

Kim posted photos of herself, one of which can be seen above, in Thailand just after she’d worked off all the baby weight from her pregnancy with North. In the video, she shows a PowerPoint-esque presentation of the pics, with the following voiceover:

This is a throwback Thursday to, I think, what all girls do when they’re in their dressing room or hotel and there’s a big mirror in front of them. So it’s usually in a bathroom.

I was pretty proud of myself. I had gotten into really good shape. I had lost some weight. I think I had lost all my weight at this point. I was in Thailand at my hotel room and North was sleeping in bed and it was nighttime and I couldn’t fall asleep, so I wanted to just take some pictures, some selfies, to remember how I felt when I just felt like, okay, I did it. I accomplished it. I am in really good shape and I did it. I lost all that weight.

So I look back now at photos like this that kind of inspire me and I remember, okay, I did it then, I can do it now. And I have to be patient. This was, you know, a year after I had had North. I think, you know, it’s still motivating to me. When you think you’re still far off from your goal and it shows you you can do it. It’ll still take time, just stay focused and don’t let anything get you off track.

Kim did it!!! No shame in this game. BRB going to set a pic of myself at my goal weight last Halloween as my phone’s wallpaper.

[H/T Perez Hilton]

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