Kim’s Most-Liked Photos on Insta Are Her Least Thotty

People love to hate on Kim Kardashian for sewing her thotty oats on Instagram. Like seriously, it’s basically America’s national pastime.

But everybody who says Kim’s only popular on Instagram when she acts like a turbo thot is flat-out wrong.

Obviously her sex appeal does contribute to her popularity, but her most-liked photos on Instagram are actually some of her least thotty pics.


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Kim Kardashian just became the 6th person IN THE WORLD to have 100 million followers, and to celebrate she posted her five most-liked photos on her website.

And they were all of Kim hanging out with her family.

Easter 2017

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my son ❤

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I ❤️ my family

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With the exception of this picture of Saint, but TBH the only reason why it got 3 million likes was because it was the FIRST photo of Saint the world saw.


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While StyleCaster posited these pictures got the most likes because Kim was fully-clothed and acting like a mommy blogger in them, I think that’s BS.

Well, technically they got kinda close with the mommy blogging part, but for the wrong reason.

See, there’s a curious trend when it comes to which celebrity posts get the most likes on Instagram.

If the celebrity is in a relationship that people stan for, then their most-liked photos will always be couple pics.

Seriously, as long as the picture looks relatively candid and is well-lit, couple pictures will get about 1 MILLION more likes than any other photo that celeb posts.


It’s true of Gigi and Zayn. It’s true of Selena and The Weeknd. And it’s true of Kim and Kanye.

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And even though Kim’s relationship with her kids isn’t romantic, people stan for Kim’s children in a similar way they stan for Kimye.

Partly it’s because they’re genuinely adorable children, but it’s mostly just because people stan for Kim’s family.

And the fact that Kanye’s in most of these photos doesn’t hurt either.

So rest assured Kim, you don’t have to dress a certain way to get the most likes on Insta. You just have to keep the family close.

Bless up.

[H/T Stylecaster]

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