A Rando Found Some of Kim K’s Jewelry On the Street

While the French police have yet to obtain any evidence to help them find or identify the five armed men who robbed Kim K last week, some random ass French person did the impossible and actually managed to find a piece of Kim’s jewelry on the streets.

Only, curiously enough, this didn’t just happen today or yesterday.

It happened last Monday, or at least that’s what TMZ is reporting.

While said random ass person was minding his/her own business, taking a leisurely stroll by the hotel where Kim was robbed, TMZ reports that he couldn’t help but he/she noticed something shiny in the sidewalk.

That something shiny turned out to be a platinum mounted diamond cross necklace, which is worth about $33,180 and looks something, if not exactly like this.

So much fun in Vegas at Hakkasan last night!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim K has a lot of cross necklaces, so without an an encyclopedic knowledge of all hew jewelry, it’s hard to say which is the one that got stolen.

Police are reportedly checking the pendant for any traces of DNA, but seeing as these robbers were smart enough to avoid detection via video camera, they were also probably smart enough to wear gloves while handling the highly traceable jewelry, but who knows.

Kim K may just get back that priceless diamond ring that Kanye ruined by carving the word “Adidas” into it yet.



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