Kim K Isn’t Having a Bday This Year Cuz She’s Over Her ‘Old Life’

In today’s sad but true news, Kim K allegedly cancelled her birthday party this year because she isn’t ready to start being Kim Kardashian again.

A source told People that Kim K has “zero desire to resume her old life,” which means that Kanye was given no choice but to put the brakes on the lavish affair he had planned to celebrate the anniversary of the day Kim entered the world.

Kim’s party was allegedly going to be 1920s themed and take place at every celeb’s favorite club, the Nice Guy, with what the Sun describes as a “star-studded guest list including close friends Ciara and Kelly Rowland and family members Caitlyn Jenner and Blac Chyna.”

“Kanye is devastated he has to cancel – but his family’s security come first,” a source told The Sun. “He had gone all out for Kim’s birthday and it was going to be all expenses spared with champagne and canapés. Now they will do something low key instead.”


Kanye’s gonna need a whole lotta ice cream to get him out of this funk.

[H/T The Sun]

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