What NYC’s Leading Kanye West Birthday Ice Cream Parlor Is Like IRL

Today is Kanye West’s 39th birthday and I decided that the only appropriate way to celebrate would be to spend my afternoon doing Kanye’s favorite thing in the world: eating ice cream.

If you’ve never seen a picture of Kanye West eating ice cream, then you’re depriving yourself of a natural treasure. For a man who keeps a grim face on at most times, ice cream always brings out the little boy in Kanye.

To be fair, Kanye West also really loves touching Kim Kardashian’s butt, but seeing as there hasn’t been a public sighting of Kim in two days and I don’t have the time to track her down with my private investigator skills, eating ice cream will have to do.

Luckily for me, it’s Kanye West Ice Cream week in New York City, so after I’d finished my work for the day, I headed over to Morgenstern’s in NoHo, and spent 15 minutes waiting in line to get my hands some Kanye-inspired treats.

Oh, and my boyfriend was there too, because the only thing in the world he loves more than me is Kanye.

Happy V Day to my Valentines ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍 @squeenz

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This year marks the second time Morgenstern’s has adopted a special Kanye-themed menu, and the self-proclaimed “beautiful but darkly lit ice cream parlor” is serving favors like, Paparazzi Pineapple, Postive Vibes Pistachio, Father Stracciatella My Hands Pt. 1, the “You Left Your Fridge Open” Ice Cream Sandwich (peanut butter ice cream wedged between two “Wolves” cookies made out of chocolate, nuts, oats and coconut), and the Beautiful Morning Milkshake (coffee ice cream with corn flakes).

Just like last year, it was incredibly hard to choose which flavor to get, but after much deliberation I decided to get the”You Left Your Fridge Open” Ice Cream Sandwich


please ignore my nails

And my boyfriend got the Father Stracciatella My Hands Pt. 1.


To be honest, by itself the Stracciatella was a little plain and the ice cream sandwich was a little rich, but together, it was the perfect marriage of flavor, just like Kim and Kanye.

Even if you can’t make it over to Morgernstern’s tonight to celebrate Kanye’s birthday by eating ice cream, Kanye Ice Cream week is going on until the 12th, which gives you 4 more days to get your act together.

Happy birthday, Ye.

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