Kim Just Told Rob Kardashian & the World That ‘Babies Poop Out Tar’

Kim Kardashian West is nothing if not honest.

And now, the woman who brought us a “Guess the Camel Toe” quiz and the bloody vampire facial selfie is giving us some serious real talk about babies.

They poop out tar, you guys!

This glorious information came to us from a promo spot for next week’s episode of “Rob and Chyna,” the KUWTK spinoff everyone loves to pretend isn’t happening.

In the promo, Kim is giving Rob a lesson in diaper-changing when she drops this particularly stinky bomb on him.

Now, this raises a lot of questions from us childless folk. What does Kim mean by tar? Does she mean soft or hard tar? Is baby poop, like, jet black? And how do I get my tubes tied forever?

But I’ll tell you one thing, “Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bootcamp” as a spinoff would DEFINITELY be ratings gold.

[H/T Perez Hilton]

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