Kim got Fulani braids and called them “Bo Derek” braids

Kim Kardashian has done it again with her latest hair style that she called “Bo Derek” braids, instead of the correct name, Fulani braids. People are pissed because once again, and a quick Google search could have saved her from disrespecting someone’s culture.

If you don’t get why people stay dragging Kim it’s simply because she’s literally one of the biggest celebrities on earth and should know what cultures she copies certain traditions/styles from — especially since the Kardashians have been in hot water for this many, many times before.

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So let’s quickly break down culture appreciation vs. appropriation. When you appreciate ones culture you honor and respect it and pay homage to where whatever custom you are using comes from. Appropriation is like cherry-picking certain parts of someone’s culture and ignoring their original significance. This belittles the culture, treating it like merely and aesthetic and robbing it of its meaning.

From that definition alone, I’m sure about 5 different instances of the Kardashian-Jenner clan doing such came to mind. So when Kim called these Bo Derek braids, she was completely disregarding the source of this style, which comes from a West African tribe. Many people were instantly offended.


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Moral of the story is, the “she didn’t know” excuse is tired and old. The point is that Kim and others need to literally think before they not only post on social media but take on a style without knowing the history. Sure Bo Derek was popping in the 70’s and known for wearing this style. But if you think a white woman invented a braided hairstyle you literally need to open a damn book. It’s 2018, do better or get dragged.

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