These Pics of Kim Getting a BMW For Her Sweet 16 Are So Cute

36 years ago today, America’s most divisive pop culture icon was born: Kimberly Noel Kardashian.

Even though Kim decided to cancel her big birthday party this year, one of her childhood friends just updated Kim’s website with some awww-inducing pictures from Kimmy’s Sweet 16.

“It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, Kim and I were turning 16 and learning how to drive,” Kim’s friend Allison writes. “Kim was always a tad bit younger than us, with her birthday being in October, so we were all ready for her to turn 16 so we didn’t have to drive her everywhere anymore!”

As one of the older friends in my high school friend group, I can relate to this.

“Kim didn’t think she was getting a car because her dad had convinced her she didn’t need her own car at 16,” Allison writes, “so when Kim walked outside after lunch to her new white BMW in the parking lot, she was SO surprised!!!”

And it shows.



While sometimes it can be annoying when rich kids get fancy cars for their Sweet 16s, since they’ve never worked a day in their lives and they’re probably just going to crash them anyway, baby Kim looks like she just won the lottery, and even the iciest heart can’t hate a kid for being excited about something.

Happy birthday, Kimmy.


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