Kia Rose Exposes the Feelings of the New Generations With ‘I Wanna Be Famous’

I like the validation

Like some kind of sick fixation

So shower me with affection

Tap twice so I can sleep at night

(…) Doing shit that I hate just to say that I made it

I don’t wanna be fake but I wanna be famous

With this lyric, which belongs to her new single ‘I Wanna be Famous’, Kia Rose reveals one of the great drugs of this era: Social networks.

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The consequences of exposing yourself to them are a subject of extensive debate, but it served Kia to express in 2:30 minutes the need to be accepted, to fit in, and to receive likes. But -innovatively- they combined with the idea of not ceasing to be who we are.

“The hard part isn’t the creative side”, Kia said.  “The real battle is everyone telling you to write songs you don’t want to write, sing in a way that’s not natural, or pose for the camera in something that makes you crawl in your skin. (…) I tell myself constantly that it’s not worth it if I stop recognizing myself and end up being sure about nothing.”

The importance of this idea goes far beyond the song because it suggests we can somehow have the best of both worlds.

Kia Rose is a 21-year-old composer, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist doing contemporary Pop/R&B music style with a jazz flare on the guitar, that also completed a degree in jazz specialization.

With this song, she addresses the thirst for people’s approval but not wanting to lose themselves in the process. ‘Success does not measure up to happiness. Unfortunately, sometimes people sell their souls before they come to that realization.’

All of her next releases will be centered around a different type of addiction, It started with “High”, “Drugs and Candy”, and “Sugar” and now, “I Wanna Be Famous”.

“I love coming up with concepts that are very broad. I get to have so much creative freedom and still connect seemingly incomparable songs in an unexpected way. I also love telling other stories as much as my own”.

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