Khloé Kardashian Wants The World To Know She’s Never Seen A White Penis

Just when you think you couldn’t be any more thankful for the Kardashian media presence, Khloé Kardashian goes on TV and talks about how she’s never seen a white penis before. 


It all began when comedian and longtime Playboy Mansion VIP guest Pauly Shore asked Khlo$ why her and her sisters always dated black dudes.

Right off the bat, Khloé was not having it, responding with, “Not all of us,” before adding, “To me, that is a racist question.”

As the sole black man in the room, fellow guest Trey Songz assured Shore that his question was not in fact racist, so Khloé had no choice but to confront it.

“I’m not their vagina so all I can speak about is my vagina,” she explained. “That’s all I know. I’ve never seen a white penis. So, if you would like to show me yours, I’d like to see it. I’ve never seen one though.”

She added that most women have vaguely-incredibly specific types when it comes to dating, so she really doesn’t see why it’s a big deal that her type is black men.  

Or to sum it all up in one six words, she likes what she likes, okay? 


Of course, that wasn’t the only truth bomb KhloKhlo dropped last night. She also dished about the rumors that she and Blac Chyna are fighting:

“I actually haven’t seen Chyna in a few years, but her and I did not get into a fight, but I do love a good fight.”

And about how Lamar met Caitlyn before Khloé had a chance to tell him anything:

“When he had his accident, and he was in the hospital, Caitlyn was like, ‘I want to come see Lamar.’

“I was like, ‘It’s not the right time. Let’s wait until this person has some healing time.’”

Then again, it still wasn’t really the right time a couple months later at Kanye West’s MSG Fashion Week presentation, mostly because Khloé still hadn’t told Lamar.

“It was interesting because I did not know that Caitlyn…was going to be there. I didn’t realize that was going to be their first interaction, and it was in front of a lot of people and just for anybody to digest.”

Long story short, it was kind of awkward for everybody, but hey, that’s what happens when you try and keep family secrets from your ex-husband who’s still very intertwined in your life. Let that be a lesson to you all.


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