Kennedy Eurich Is Unbothered, Wearing Louis Vuitton, & Designing Luxury Dog Collars

If anyone’s ever told you to stop oversharing on the internet, allow us to introduce you to Kennedy Eurich.

Eurich, who has 1.4 million TikTok followers and recently got flown out by Louis Vuitton to attend Paris Fashion Week, first went viral for a TMI story about a date night gone very, very wrong.

But Kennedy doesn’t believe in TMI. In fact, she told us that no topic is off limits when it comes to her social media. And for those of you shaking your head or rolling your eyes—may I humbly ask you, when’s the last time you got invited to Paris Fashion Week?

We caught up with the influencer turned entrepreneur to talk PFW, her new business, her new titties, and how to embody her IDGAF energy.

We saw that you were at Paris Fashion Week! What was your favorite part about that?

I mean, it was my first time out of the country and being dressed by Louis Vuitton was an absolute dream that I never thought would happen in a million years.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, you said you were in your “I don’t give a fuck” energy. What does that mean for you?

I’m just done caring about what other people think. I’m no longer worried about what other people think or say about me.

What advice do you have for readers trying to embody their IDGAF energy? I feel like it’s one of those things that are easier said than done.

Definitely. Not to be cliche, but [I think to myself,] is this going to be something that on my deathbed I’m going to look back on? No. I’ll be thinking about all the opportunities that came my way.

How do you keep that IDGAF energy when it comes to posting on TikTok? I feel like the more followers you have, the easier it is to overthink what you’re posting.

No, I have no conscience. I never think before I post. I just be myself and hit the post button.

Are there any topics that you truly consider TMI to post on social media?

No, nothing is off limits.

Does your “oversharing” style of videos on social media ever create issues in your romantic relationships or friendships? If so, how have you navigated that?

I mean definitely relationships. It’s been tough, but you either rocking with me or you ain’t, baby. That’s it.

We heard you’re preparing to launch a luxury pet accessories line! Tell us more about that?

It’s going to be luxury leashes and collars, with the hope of eventually expanding into more things such as beds, etc. 

We also read that you love junk food! What are some of your favorite spots to grub at in Austin?

I love a late night snack from Royal Blue Grocery and I love Door Dashing fast food. 

How are you liking your new titties? What advice do you have for someone who’s considering getting hers done? 

I mean, I love my new titties. I feel more confident than ever. If plastic surgery makes you feel more confident, then go for it. Don’t let anyone influence your decision. I have no regrets!

Do you plan to stay in Austin or is LA in your future plans?

No, I’m not going to LA anytime soon. Austin is the end game for me!

What else can we expect to see from you in 2023?

Hopefully, you can see me just entering my entrepreneurship era!

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