Kendall Discovers Wokeness in New Pepsi Ad

We live in an era that proudly proclaims protest is the new brunch, so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing commercials trying to tap into that vein.

Like this commercial from Pepsi where Kendall Jenner is so moved by watching a group of merry, multi-racial protestors outside her modeling shoot that she rips off her blonde hair, grabs a Pepsi, and instantly becomes woke.

But that’s actually underselling things because Kendall doesn’t just become woke, she becomes so woke she understands Pepsi is the key to wokeness and hands a can to a police officer, which causes everybody around to erupt into mass happiness.

It’s a statement alright.

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In a statement accompanying the commercial’s premiere into the wild, woke world, Kendall said:

“I am thrilled to join the legendary roster of icons who have represented their generations and worked with Pepsi. To me, Pepsi is more than just a beverage—it registers as a pop culture icon and a lifestyle that shares a voice with the generation of today. The spirit of Pepsi—living in the ‘now’ moment—is one that I believe in. I make a conscious effort in my everyday life and travels to enjoy every experience of today.”

TBH, I have no idea what this statement has to do with the commercial, besides to reiterate the point that Pepsi is dope and everybody should drink it, but maybe that’s all that matters.

Moral of the story: drink Pepsi and get woke, kids.

Seems perfectly logical to me.

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[H/T Perez Hilton]

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