Watch Kendall Jenner Eat Bacon in Her Sleep Because Her Life Is a Dream

The early morning call times and back-to-back pace of New York Fashion Week can be hard, but do you know what makes everything better? Getting your sister to feed you bacon in your sleep, because duh, you’re the queen.

That’s me the bacon distributor

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This morning Kendall Jenner proved that it’s possible for women to have it all: glamour, a few extra hours of sleep, and most importantly, bacon.

Obviously this is a sign that Kendall is the Gisele of our generation when it comes to multi-tasking. Remember when Gisele posted that photo of her breastfeeding while her minions did her nails, makeup, and hair? Eating bacon is so much cooler than that!

Or maybe it’s just proof that Kendall and Kylie have reached peak sisterhood love.

Whatever it is, Kendall is clearly living the dream right now, and we’re very, very jealous.

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