Kendall Drank Clam Juice Instead of Snitching on Kylie Last Night

Celebrities will do anything to avoid answering tough questions, even if it means drinking clam juice or eating bull penis.

Last night Kendall was a guest on James Corden’s Late Late Show, and mercifully instead of making us endure another edition of carpool karaoke, they played a game called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”

The premise is simple. Answer a tough question or drink/eat something gross.


How hot sauce managed to make its way onto a list of delicacies that also included “fish eyes” and “grasshoppers” is a true mystery for the ages.

For instance, when asked, “Kendall, three of your nieces and nephews are named Dream, North and Saint. Rank those baby names from best to worst,” despite a brief hesitation, she answered, “North, Saint, Dream,” because honestly, who in America doesn’t enjoy calling out Rob’s life choices?

But when James showed Kendall a very incriminating photo of her sister Kylie and then asked Kenny to snitch on her or drink a nice refreshing glass of clam juice, Kendall decided she’d rather clam up.

“Your sister Kylie was supposed to be on our show tonight but she cancelled yesterday morning because she was sick,” James said. “Yeah, because she was sick. Here’s a paparazzi photo of her hours ago.”

He showed a pic of Kylie walking around town with Tyga’s son.

“My question to you is, how’s she feeling?”

Immediately, Kendall started dying of laughter.

“This is so good,” she exclaimed.

While it looked like she might actually answer the question for a hot second, Kris decided to punish her favorite daughter for her lapse in sisterly affection. “Drink the clam juice,” she shouted form the audience.

Rather than betray the momager who loves her, Kendall took her mother’s advice, and you know what?

It didn’t even matter because she had the tiniest sip which she spit out almost immediately.

TV interview or no TV interview, she’s still got a VS runway to prepare for.

Do you know how many calories are in a glass of clam juice?

Better safe than sorry.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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