Kendall and Kylie Just Released Their Second Novel, Believe It or Not

Do not adjust your computer screens.

The words you’re reading are true.

Kendall and Kylie had their second novel published yesterday called “The Time of the Twins” and I’ve read every single word of it, sometimes twice, and sometimes aloud to myself because I’m weird like that.

Even though they don’t like to brag about it, in addition to being celebrities, spokeswomen, social media geniuses, catwalk strutters and businesswomen, Kendall and Kylie are also the authors of a dystopian young adult sci-fi series that’s been described by some as the next Hunger Games, and by others as a repellent to keep hipster girls from hitting on you.

Personally, I’d describe it as the literary equivalent to deciding to commit to the show that came on TV after the show you sat down to watch ended because you can’t find the remote and feel too lazy to stand up.

It’s readable, and that’s about it.

“The Time of the Twins” tells the story of two twins named Lex and Livia, who grew up in a totalitarian society called Indra where everybody has to live under a giant dome because the Earth is poisonous.

Only as it turns out, the Earth isn’t poisonous at all, that’s just part of a conspiracy designed to keep the citizens of Indra from asking too many questions or rebelling against the rampant inequality between the haves and the have nots.

Throughout “Time of the Twins,” Lex and Livia slowly uncover and rebel against all of this as they tunnel their way out of Indra, past all the mutants who live under the ground, past all the boys who want to cuddle with them in the darkness, and past all the many challenges that get thrown their way only to be resolved one or two paragraphs later.

And you know what keeps them going?

The bonds of sisterhood.

Of course, Kendall and Kylie had a little help putting this literary masterpiece together.

Even though their names are the only ones to appear on the cover or the spine of the book, it was also written by Elizabeth Killmond-Roman and Katherine Killmond.

And while Kendall and Kylie don’t mention anything about the actual writing process in the thank yous at the end of the book, besides the fact that the story began “as a conversation in 2012,” Elizabeth and Katherine thank their family and “patient husbands” for the support “during the many long nights and weekends spent in front of the computer.”

Does this mean Elizabeth and Katherine physically wrote the book and Kendall and Kylie more or less just put their name on it?

Probably, yes.

But who cares?

It’s not like it’s a masterpiece anyway, just another extension of the Kardashian-Jenner brand which Kris Jenner is obviously hoping to be able to parlay into a multi-million dollar movie franchise in a few years.

And you know what?

I hope to live to see the day when Kris Jenner’s dream becomes a reality.

The plot isn’t super original, the character don’t really develop, but there are explosions, PG-level romance, and the kind of plot line that won’t offend anybody in your family.

It’s a summer blockbuster waiting to happen.



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