Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Cult Classic Sci Fi Novel Is Getting A Sequel

Did you know that in 2014, Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s cult classic science fiction novel, “Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia” was first published? 

What? You didn’t even know that Kendall and Kylie Jenner were writers?

For. Shame.

For the uninitiated, Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia is a dystopian story about twin girls who embark on a journey to Indra, a city that’s both a beautiful paradise and also a nightmare world of poverty, which pretty much sounds like every major city in America right now. 

Kendall and Kylie’s published Regan Arts announced today that the new book will get a much more streamlined title, Time of the Twins, and will come out on November 15, just in time for the holiday season.

According to the press release, “Time of the Twins follows the story of Lex, a rebellious orphan, and her twin sister, Livia, a pampered heiress, as they make a grueling journey in search of the mother they thought was dead. They will have to face an ancient prophecy that calls them the long awaited ‘twin saviors,’ destined to save their city of Indra and all of its people.”

And just in case you’re not convinced yet about the book’s legendary status, here’s what the critics had to say about Kendall and Kylie’s first novel. 

Are you tired of cute hipster guys or girls hitting on you in the coffee shop while you try and have a quiet read with an almond milk soy cap frap? Me too! This book acts like an EMP on Sentinels, it shuts that s*** down.”
-Alexandra Ware

The plot was actually pretty interesting.
Lee Ann

“Me and my co worker haven’t gotten through two paragraphs without laughing yet. 11/10 would read again.”

“I feel like this could be the next Hunger Games.”
Ashlyn Leon

“Best Book Ever.”
Andrew Grande

And this science fiction masterpiece can be yours for the low, low price of 1 cent.  

That’s right. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that. 

So do yourself a favor and read the book that could be the next Hunger Games today before the sequel comes out. And let us know who you think will play Lex and Livia in the movie version, because it’s just a matter of time before that happens.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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