Kendall and Kylie Are Making iMessage Stickers Now Cuz YOLO

Kendall and Kylie’s empire truly knows no bounds.

Today K squared is coming out with their own line of iMessage stickers because why the hell not?

If you’ve never used iMessage stickers, it’s an incredibly simple concept to grasp.

You download them and then you can put them on literally any photo or text message somebody sends you to make them look cooler.

Or you can just send them like the larger version of emojis they are.


Of course, there is one tiny catch with Kendall and Kylie’s stickers.

You need to download their mobile game to get them.

But if you have the space on your phone and have some extra time in your schedule, I absolutely recommend that you do.

I played the game for two straight weeks before I had to cut myself off to keep the game from taking over my life because that’s how fun it is.

And just look at some of the cute stickers you’ll get to use if you do.

There’s a jubilant avocado:


A sad banana:


A boom box literally dripping with swag:


And your very own hoe filter:


Still, as I looked through the stickers, I couldn’t help but ask myself, why not emojis?

Emojis would probably make Kendall and Kylie way more money and wouldn’t require people to download their mobile game first.

Did Kim call dibs and now none of her other sisters can make their own emojis, or do Kendall and Kylie just believe that iMessage stickers are the future?

And then I realized, it doesn’t matter.

Kendall and Kylie are already millionaires and with the exception of my boyfriend, most people who would want to get the sticker pack are huge Kendall and Kylie stans and already have the game downloaded anyway.

Watch out, world.

The Jenners are coming for ya.

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