Kendall and Kylie’s New App Is a Video Game for Winning Instagram

At 5 a.m., while most of the world was still sleeping, Kendall and Kylie were about to unleash an app that was destined to become everyone’s newest obsession: their own version on Kim’s instant classic, Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

Only instead of focusing on the ambiguous goal of becoming famous like Kim’s app does, Kendall and Kylie’s game also teaches you how to win at Instagram. It’s ridiculous, addictive, super meta, and will inevitably force you to ask yourself a lot of questions about how you’re living your life.

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Like in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you play Kendall & Kylie’s game through an avatar. You don’t have to play as yourself, so I chose to play as Avery, a lithe twenty-something with the kind of frame bodycon dresses are made for, who can easily pull off any hair color and eyebrow shape.

I’m obsessed with her immediately. We’re moving to Santa Monica and excited for a new start. She has a dream, I have a dream, and hers is going to include socializing with Kendall and Kylie.


Off the bat, you’re dumped in some shitty Santa Monica apartment with a roommate named Debbie Rose who looks like a young Jennifer Coolidge and dresses like the mid-2000s. It’s not a good look.

The one good thing about Debbie is she doesn’t laugh at you when you tell her that you plan to pay your rent by “going viral.” Right away she says she has a job for you. The only thing she asks of you in return is that you help her clean up some of her boxes because she just did her nails and she can’t even deal with the thought of smudging them.

Against your better judgement, you help her out. After all, you’ve been there. The struggle is real.


When you go to meet your boss, it instantly becomes clear why Debbie Rose recommended her to you.

Gretta Van Norman is wearing a glittery pink sweatsuit and she’s carrying a small white dog who just so happens to be wearing a matching pink sweater. Think Amy Poehler’s character in Mean Girls, only without the fake boobs. 

She’s kind of the worst, but she introduces you to Emily, your punky co-worker whose real passion is making style and beauty videos. When you offer to help her, she instantly becomes your BFF and assures you that “you can totally get thousands of followers just by posting cool stuff,” which coincidentally is how you know that not only is this game so LA, but it couldn’t have been made by anybody other than Kendall and Kylie.


As you go through the game, you slowly gain followers and are encouraged to post selfies whenever you do anything cool in order to get even more followers. A hot date, a night out with the girls, an outfit change — if you can think of it, you should probably have a picture of it.

And just like in real life, the options for your selfies are endless. The game gives you seven very specific options for a facial expression (neutral, duck face, pouty, fake mad, love struck, winky, and “you can’t even keep your eyes open”-level joy) and most of the time you get to write your own captions.

While there are aspects of the game that couldn’t be farther from real life (like moving to Santa Monica and not only meeting Kendall and Kylie within 15 minutes, but gaining access to their IRL circle of friends), the strength of the game lies in how meta it is.


I actually thought about this caption for 30 seconds

Whether we like it or not, many of us spend our spare time on the lookout for the perfect photo opportunity or are otherwise glued to our phones in search of the perfect background, facial expression, pose and caption. We care about how many followers we have, and nobody’s ever upset about getting more.

But rather than trying to dissect the levels of f*cked up things Kendall and Kylie’s game says about how we live our lives, maybe we should all just shut up and enjoy their genius new game.


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