Kendall & Kim Are So Over KUWTK They Skipped the Wrap Party

We’re living in a brave new world, people.

Kim’s not posting anything on social media, KUWTK is taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future, and not even the prospect of getting to take their pictures in those ridiculously flattering black and white photobooths the Kardashian/Jenners love so much can lure Kendall and Kim to a party celebrating their empire.


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Last night, KUWTK had its Season 12 wrap party and Kylie, Kourtney, Khloé and even Scott were all there, but Kendall and Kim were noticeably absent.


Because that’s how over KUWTK they are at this point.

Think about it. Traumatic robbery aside, Kim’s so famous at this point that she doesn’t need a reality show to boost her public image, and Kendall’s stock in the fashion world would only go up if she moved away from her “famous for being famous” past.

That or they just don’t like doing the show that much.

Pick your poison.

But don’t worry guys, there’s still hope.

Kendall and Kim may be dunzo, but there’s also room for a Kylie and *insert less famous sister here* take *insert famous world city here*.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s what they were getting at with the whole “forevers” comment.

my forevers

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Never say never.

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