Katy Perry Gave Herself a Miley-esque Breakup Haircut

I don’t know when this naturally-occurring phenomenon started, but when women break up with a guy they have a habit of commemorating the occasion by doing something drastic like cutting all their hair off.

Sure enough, on Thursday afternoon, Katy Perry proved she’s one of those girls by letting some highly trained professionals give her a haircut that practically screams, “Suck it Orlando, I’m too edgy for you anyway.”

And since she’s Katy Perry, she documented the thoroughly captured the momentous occasion on Instagram.

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Here’s her hair stylist acting like this hair cut is LITERALLY the most dramatic thing that could be happening in the world right now.


Here’s a shot of her shorn hair in her hands.


Here’s a picture of her dog being forced to spend quality time with said shorn hair.


And finally, here we have Katy Perry’s new haircut.


A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Is she not just the spitting image of Miley circa 2014?


Although TBH, Katy says she was shooting for more of a classy Michelle Williams vibe.



Mission not accomplished Katy.

Oh well.

You wouldn’t be the first woman to go a little too ham on her hair during a breakup hair cut.

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