Kathia Lynne Reminds Us Why She’s an “Estrella”

Our favorite blonde Puerto Rican songstress, Kathia Lynne, is back with some new music and this time she has us swoonin’ over a collaboration with fellow island natives Los Wálters.

“Chica de las Estrellas” (Girl of the Stars) is the name of her latest single and staying true to her roots she used the original lyrics from Puerto Rican 90’s band Icaro Azul to entice us with these psychedelic moody feels which don’t even require you to understand Spanish to be able to vibe to.

Our personal fave line is, “Y sufrirás por no poderme amar.” In English, that’s “And you’ll suffer for not being able to love me.” Meow!

They say creatives draw inspiration from their pain and what could be more beautiful than a girl healing her broken heart through her art? *sips lemonade*

Take a listen to Kathia Lynne’s version of “Chica de las Estrellas” feat. Los Wálters here!

Photography: David Gerry
Makeup: Christopher Feliciano

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