Kate Moss Says She Helped Cara Stop Being ‘Sick’

Cocaine can be fun, not that we know from experience or anything, but it’s also illegal, horrible for you and not something any celebrity wants to be caught with — especially models, whose non-stop schedules and skinny frames practically make them magnets for cocaine rumors.

As somebody with a well-known history of cocaine use, nobody knows the cons of the drug quite like Kate Moss, which makes her a prime candidate to take on the role of “chill older friend who can help you stop doing cocaine” for younger models who may or may not include Cara Delevingne.

In a new interview with Business of Fashion, Kate Moss detailed some of the reasons why she decided to open up her own modeling agency to sign non-models, one of which was that she wants to help young girls navigate the pressures and temptations of being a hot young supermodel.

“Naomi took complete care of me,” Kate explained. “She’d say, ‘Calm down.’ I think because you’re alone a lot of the time, you really need guidance. Even now you’re expected to do anything to get the picture, and that’s a work ethic, but you also need a support system.”

Here’s what she said:

There are all these young kids and when Cara came to me she wasn’t well and I was like, ‘Babe, I am going to take you to a doctor,’ you know, because I’ve been there. I’ve got a maternal side and I’d like to take care of them and nurture them so they grow to their full capacity in anything they’d like to do, instead of being used up and tossed out, because I think that can happen a lot with things working so quickly.

While obviously Kate can’t come out and say the “c” word, and despite dropping a tiny baggie of unidentified white powder in front of the paparazzi, Cara’s never confirmed she touches the stuff, we can read between the lines.

Not that we’re judging at all.

Most of us would probably be hypocrites if we pretended we’d never had at least one wild night in our 20s from the stuff.

We’re just glad Cara’s got Kate around to help her.

Allegedly, that is.

[H/T Business of Fashion]

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