Kash Doll Walks On The Treadmill In Heels (No, Seriously)

We like to think of Kash Doll as the badass, boujie doll that we never had growing up (but desperately wanted).

The Detroit-born rapper is about her money—and that means custom clothing, a ridiculous jewelry collection, and 20 bands for a “fucking anklet.”

If you’re kurious about Kash’s dedication to all things bad and boujie, just listen closely to her lyrics on “Ice Me Out,” or her feature on Pusha T’s new track, “Sociopath.”

But don’t call Kash materialistic—if you grew up in Detroit working multiple jobs just to help support your family, you’d probably revel in getting iced out after your hard work in the studio started paying off too.

We talked to Kash Doll about her journey as an artist so far, her wellness routine that includes stilettos on the treadmill, and what’s next. 


How did you get into music growing up?

Music was everything to me. I remember falling in love with commercials because of the songs they played. Lol. I used to perform for my family every time there was an event.

How has being from Motown Detroit, Michigan influenced your sound? 

The rawness! Listen, the truth is, Detroit has a raw incomparable sound.

What’s your girl power motto? 

Starve negativity, feed positivity— ‘cuz what you feed will grow. 

Who are your sheroes and biggest inspirations? 

My sheroe’s are my mom, granny, aunties, my friend Sunshine, Gail Perry-Mason (Detroit philanthropist), Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Rihanna, J-Lo, & Trina.

What did dancing teach you about the business, and the empowerment of your own body?

Confidence and the gift to finesse!

How does your first mixtape differ from the new album and songs you have coming up? 

Growth, experience, and wisdom. I’ve evolved. I’m humble. I’m more grateful, but I still know my worth and I’m way happier! So it’s a whole new me.

Where did the name Brat Mail come from?

It was music I made while I was stuck in my contract. I used to tease my fans with it because I couldn’t release it and I wanted to keep them engaged. I named it Brat Mail because it was for my bratz. It was inspired by TLC’s Fan Mail. It was my own thank you gift to the fans for holding me down.

What song on the new record hits closest to home and why?

The intro (“KD Diary”) because it’s my life story in a song and it’s so touching! It’s like, you will know everything about me in one song.

You opened up for Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour. How was that?

Amazing! Especially because I did that in a moment when I was discouraged with my career. I love him forever for that.

Tell us what Detroit style and swag is? 

Classic, raw, pimp style. We are the home of gators, furs, Cartier, hairstyles, and cars!

Favorite designers at the moment? 

Honestly, I prefer custom!

What beauty advice did your mom teach you growing up that you still live by? 

Drink a lot of water and eat healthy.

What’s your beauty routine like on the road?

All I drink is water. I eat healthy. I use makeup cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliate. I workout. I’ll walk 30 minutes on a treadmill with heels on. And, super important, I always make sure I get my rest.

What’s next for Kash Doll? 

Everything! Stay tuned!

Photo by Michael Lavin
Stylist: Tiffany Dean / @stylebytiffanydean
Dress: Galia Lahav / @galialahav
Photo by Rowan Daly
Stylist: KJ Moody / @kjmoody
Dress designer: Celestino Couture
Heels: Dolce & Gabbana
Diamonds: Fourteen Karats

Photo by Rowan Daly

Stylist: KJ Moody / @kjmoody
Dress designer: Celestino Couture
Heels: Dolce & Gabbana
Diamonds: Fourteen Karats

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