This Is Where The Kardashians Went On Their Top Secret Family Vacation

There’s nothing the Kardashians can’t do, so when Kris Jenner called up all her children yesterday and told them to pack their bags to go on a last minute family vacation to a surprise destination, as one does, it happened. 

Well, Rob wasn’t there. But he already had plans to go to the strip club/get engaged, so Kris let that one slide. All of her other kids/grandkids/kids’ baby daddies were there, and they were all wondering: “Where in the world is this crazy woman taking us?” 

They still haven’t divulged exactly where they are — but with some clues and stealth Googling, we figured it out for you.

First, the timeline of events. It all began with Kylie wondering whether she should be scared.

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But like Khloe said, so long as all the sisters are together, they’ll be okay, or whatever it was she was going to say before Snapchat cut her off. 

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When the Kardashians finally landed, undoubtedly they knew exactly where they were. After all, iPhones have GPS and Snapchat has filters with geotagging.

The rest of us were not so lucky. We had to figure out where they were the hard way: by looking for clues.

For instance, we knew they were somewhere cold enough where Kendall and Kylie wanted to wear hats, but not so cold that zipping their coats felt mandatory.

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There was snow on the ground, but not a lot:

We knew they were somewhere vaguely rustic, because where else do you find fire pits that look like this?

And last but not least, we knew they were somewhere where it was totally acceptable for Kris Jenner’s boyfriend to be drinking seven glasses of wine simultaneously.


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Obviously, after putting all the clues together* we realized the answer was obvious, the Kardashian/Jenner clan had just flown to Vail, Colorado, which was boring but sensible. The Kardashians haven’t gotten rich by being frivolous with their hard-earned reality cash, after all.

It was only a few states away, so their relatively sparse luggage made sense:

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Coupled with the fact that nobody showed off their passports during the flight and that the current temperature in  Vail is 39 degrees, which vaguely corresponds to how cold we thought it was, we’re like 90% confident we know what we’re talking about.

So, there you go. Mystery solved. Don’t you love playing “Where in the world are the Kardashians?”

*Full disclaimer: by putting all the clues together we mean we read about it online and it made sense to us so we accepted it as fact. You can take it with a grain of salt or embrace it.

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