Blac Chyna Needs You to Know She Just Got Engaged

Two weeks ago Blac Chyna was going off about how she wanted to get married and have kids with Rob Kardashian ASAP, and from the look of the huge diamond ring she just started wearing, she’s on her way to getting exactly what she wanted.


Before getting out of the car to go on a classy date night at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A., Blac Chyna shared an Instagram snap of her, Rob, and one very big diamond ring on that finger. 

The caption? “YES!…!…!”

YES !…!…!

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Obviously, the couple that goes to the strip club together, stays together, but we’re gonna need a little more proof before we break out the champagne to celebrate the newest Kardashian wedding. 

Although on second thought, whether it’s an engagement ring or just a “let’s see how many headlines we can get out of this thing” ring, it’s stunning, so maybe a little champagne is in order… or at least a mimosa.

UPDATE: Amber Rose essentially just confirmed their engagement is on, and seeing as Amber and Blac Chyna are at least fake BFFs, we’re guessing this is legit.  

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