Justin Bieber Turned Down $5 Million To Perform At the RNC

Justin Bieber may be a major fuckboy, but as it turns out, even he has a few lines he won’t cross.

Allegedly, Justin received a $5 million offer “to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention”, but turned it down after his manager threatened to quit and LeBron James told him to not be a fucking idiot.

Sources connected to CAA, the talent agency which represents the Biebs, recently told TMZ about a very curious offer they got from the GOP a few weeks ago.

They were contacted by a promoter for the GOP with an offer promising Justin $5 million up front if he would perform for 45 minutes at a venue near the arena where the RNC was being held, assuring them that the event was “not political” even though every penny of the $5 million was coming from GOP donors.

Obviously, the thought of making $5 million in less than an hour sounded like a good idea to the Biebs, and he didn’t immediately tell those fuckers to crawl up their own asshole and die.

Also, he’s Canadian.

American politics is not his #1 priority.

Still, his manager, Scooter Braun is a big Hillary supporter and told Justin that if he wanted to take this blood money, he wouldn’t be able to continue representing him, which is harsh, but fair.

When that wasn’t enough, LeBron James called up the little fuckboy and told him to not be an idiot.

And that’s how Justin Bieber narrowly avoided ruining all the hard work he put in rehabilitating his image.

Bravo, bb.

We’re so proud of you for not fucking up your life.


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