Jules Liesl Will Make Your Y2K Dreams Come True

Moving to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue a career in modeling isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. For Florida-raised Jules Liesl, diving headfirst into the modeling industry unfortunately came with the side effects of poor mental health and an eating disorder.

Determined to craft a better, healthier life for herself, the now older and wiser Jules decided to pursue music at 25. With four singles under her belt (and epic cover art to accompany each), the burgeoning pop star is giving Britney energy. This makes sense, because Jules is directly inspired by the Y2K pop divas, just check out the green snake single art for her relatable track “Toxic Boy.”

We have a feeling you’re going to be seeing (and listening to) a lot more Jules Liesl, so we caught up with her to talk inspo, fashion, toxic boys, and where we can catch her next.

We totally get Y2K vibes from your music and personal style. Are there any musical or stylistic elements that you consciously take from the Britney + Xtina era?
I get my inspiration from the early 2000s. Britney and Christina are huge inspirations for me but I also get a lot of inspiration from Disney music and all types of early 2000s music.

Your outfit for your last show at State Social House was so sexy! Can you give us the deets?
It was from the Boys Lies/Yung Reaper collection.

Where do you like to shop for outfits to rock on stage (or even in your day-to-day)? 
I love to wear Poster Girl because it’s cozy and cute or some type of matching set.

You’re very open about how your career as a model in your early 20’s negatively impacted your self-image and eating habits. Unfortunately, it seems like musical artists are similarly critiqued on their bodies (especially with the pressure to constantly be posting). How do you avoid letting random internet haters get to you? Or avoid comparing yourself to others on social media? 
It all starts with confidence, but I also just don’t care what people think at this point of my life, so I’m just living my best life right now.

What are some other ways that you try to practice self-love and a healthy, balanced lifestyle?
I would start by working out and not giving a fuck—that’s where I’d say to start.

Can you take us through an average day in your life?
Usually, I will wake up, go to the gym, go to vocal lessons, go to dancing class, go to an event and then I go home and sleep.

Let’s talk toxic boys. Can you tell us more about the one (or ones) that inspired your track “Toxic Boy?”
Yes, I started dating this guy and I found out that he lived across the street from me and we had a view of each other‘s apartments and so that’s kind of where the song starts: “let me tell you about this boy on my street thinking he can disrespect me.” We are not together anymore.

What are some red flags for you when you meet someone new?
One red flag that I always look out for is to make sure that they don’t say the right things all the time. If you have something to say every time—like an excuse—then that’s a red flag.

Do you have a favorite venue in the LA area?
I haven’t performed at a lot of places yet, but I would say my favorite place so far would be The Viper Room.

Can you give us any hints about your next single?
My next single is enjoyable and a very good dance song. I’m very excited for you guys to hear it but I can’t give you guys too much information yet.

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