Joy Unleashed: Sarz, Asake, and Gunna Break Boundaries with “Happiness” – A Global Melody of Joyful Fusion

Edited by:  Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Introducing the maestro behind the beats, Sarz, whose production prowess has set the stage ablaze for global icons like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Chris Brown, and more. Not just a hitmaker, Sarz wears the crown of a Starmaker, founding The Sarz Academy Foundation, a non-profit that transforms emerging talents into stars. Think Dunnie, Ppriime, Tempo, and STGprodigy – all products of Sarz’s magic.

The Nigerian triple threat – artist, producer, and DJ – has teamed up with Grammy-nominated Asake and rap heavyweight Gunna for their latest track, “Happiness,”.

This joy-drenched anthem, part of Sarz’s highly anticipated 2024 album, effortlessly blends the rich sounds of Africa with hip-hop beats, creating a rhythmic masterpiece. Timed perfectly for reflections on the past year and the promise of the new, “Happiness” sets the stage for upcoming festivities. Directed by the visionary Edgar Esteves, the music video is a cross-generational spectacle of pure joy. Bursting with vibrant colors, natural elements, melodic whistles, and scenes featuring clouds, ladybugs, and infectious dance moves, it’s a visual feast capturing the essence of happiness.

Sarz shared his vision for “Happiness,” stating, “With ‘Happiness,’ I aimed to craft more than just a song—it’s a symphony of joy that transcends borders. Collaborating with Asake and Gunna allowed us to tastefully blend genres, creating a rhythmic masterpiece. This track is a celebration of unity, cultural diversity, and the universal language of happiness. I’m excited for the world to experience the joyous fusion we’ve created.” 

Asake also shared his thoughts on being an integral part of this highly anticipated collaboration. “Happiness is one of the most important things in life one can ever wish for. A lot of people pay so much for it while others get it for free. Creating a song that could fit in both worlds was magical, and I’m glad I teamed up with Sarz and Gunna to make this a reality. I hope as you listen, you will enjoy and experience true happiness in everything you do as much as we enjoyed creating this masterpiece.”

Renowned for crafting hits for the biggest names in the game, including Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Wizkid, “Happiness” not only marks Sarz’s musical journey but cements his influential role in shaping a new musical landscape, seamlessly blending Nigerian beats with global genres. Get ready to groove to the beats of pure joy! 🎶💫


Interview by: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

In collaboration with Asake and Gunna, you have released “Happiness” , a global melody of joyful fusion. How did this collaboration come about? What was the inspiration or motivation behind your recent single?

I wanted to create not just a song that would be appreciated worldwide. Gunna loved the blend of Afrobeats, Hip-hop and funk pop, I just knew he was the right feature for it. It’s a really culturally diverse collaboration, bringing my brothers together.

Since the release the song has received tons of acclaim, some of which include making it number 2 on UK Afrobeats chart, #1 trending in Nigeria YouTube and 1 million views in less than a week! How does the success of the song make you feel? How does “Happiness” solidify Afrobeats’ / Amapiano standing on the global stage, and how does it promote collaboration among artists from diverse backgrounds?

As a Nigerian, it reminds me of the position we are in as Afrobeats’ artists. It’s humbling to see how far Happiness has gone on the global stage. I’m happy to be able to impact the world. 

What elements of the music video contribute to capturing the pure essence of joy? 

I believe happiness is not just restricted to a certain age group, everyone deserves to be happy. We made sure we had people of all age groups from Gen Z to Boomers all happy and dancing, it really depicts what joy can be irrespective of your background.  

You have also worked with Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Chris Brown, and more. What are some artists you look forward to collaborating with in the near future?

  • Justin Timberlake
  • The Weeknd 

How is your creativity disrupting culture and pushing boundaries?

I think what I’m doing is really important work, not just for me but for the afrobeats space and the next generation. My creativity is pushing the envelope beyond afrobeats. It’s blending genres seamlessly and making the world see how related we all are regardless of where we are from or what kind of music we make from my point of view as a Nigerian.

The holiday season is upon us! What are some activities that put you in the holiday spirit?

I enjoy having my loved ones around, spending time with them makes me grateful and appreciative of life.

Other than your highly anticipated album, what can audiences anticipate from you in 2024?

2024 has a lot for me in store! I can’t wait to share with the world, I’m currently putting things in place. Watch out for Sarz (:


    Photographer: Julian Cousins

    Galore Senior Editor: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

    Editor in Chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

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