Join Sheva Elliot’s Covenant and Fight Alongside the Righteous in This “Holy War”

A wild spirit unbound by societal norms, Sheva Elliot is a well-known face in the rock scene. Hailing from Laurel Canyon, the eccentric artist is following in the footsteps of her predecessors. Sheva’s main goal is to flood this world with a barrage of raw and real melodies, focusing on what truly makes us human. Her powerful art goes beyond her superb skills as a writer, composer, and singer. It is in her live performances that she truly displays what she’s capable of. Sheva has had the opportunity to showcase her talents throughout Los Angeles, wowing audiences at renowned locations including The Troubadour, The Echo, The Mint, and Hotel Café. Additionally, she has graced the airwaves of KXLU 88.9 FM. Most recently, she made appearances on popular shows such as Everyday Kentucky and Bluff City Life, as well as major news networks including Action News 5 and WSMV 4’s Today broadcast in Nashville. Sheva’s reach continues to expand as she brings her artistry to various platforms across different cities.


Casting a sonic spell on her audience, she leaves crowds spellbound with her enigmatic magic. Whether it’s dancing along to her tambourine or falling deep for her tender sounds, her signature serenade will get into the deepest corners of your mind and soul. Her performances (both live and in music videos) offer a glimpse into bygone eras, evoking feelings of nostalgia for simpler and happier times.

Her recently released album “Pay the Priestess” garnered much attention from listeners and press alike. While her music centers around blues-rock and soul, the album presented a wide variety of genres, from psych-rock to gospel. Sheva’s artistry is impossible to cage into just one genre. Her passion has always been music, and she aims to write and sing from the bottom of her heart. She says, “To write is to dig, and to perform is to share one’s findings. I hope that in my sharing, someone out there will pick up the glint of their own reflection.”

But enough history and lessons from the past; let’s talk about the present. Where is Sheva today? Well, she is unchaining a powerful and ambitious pop ballad, an anthem for those facing hate and oppression. A message of hope for those suffering ethnic discrimination like her, with a message that is loud and clear: You’re not alone! Stand proud of who you are! 

Sonically, “Holy War” presents a bittersweet melody with guitar strings that will crunch your heart. Sheva’s delicate voice serves as a source of comfort for those seeking solace, providing a sense of security akin to that found in one’s own home or the loving embrace of a mother. It is a sanctuary, shielding all who enter from the dangers and every single evil present in our world. This song stands as an anthem for those who feel broken and discarded, offering them protection and belonging. Using Sheva’s own words, “Holy War serves as a reminder that even in the face of tragedy, confusion, and darkness, light & truth prevails.”

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Sheva Elliot invites everyone into her inner world. She seeks to connect on the most profound level with her listeners. There is undeniably power within her lyrics and rhythms, helping even the deepest wounds to heal. Join her covenant and stand alongside the righteous in this “Holy War” that is being waged in our daily lives.

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