Jkissa Will Get You to Finally Try Colorful Eyeshadow

Jkissa knows a thing or two about makeup.

She’s an LA-based pro makeup artist with a Youtube account full of all the makeup tutorials and product reviews a girl could ever need. Jkissa uses her platform to get deep too – she’s a big supporter of those who are bullied and aims to instill confidence in her viewers.

We chatted with Jkissa about leaving the house without makeup and got her tips for adding color to our fall beauty looks. See what she had to say, below.

Mallory: Tell me a bit about how you found comfort in makeup after being bullied.

Jkissa: Basically, I was being bullied for my looks — mostly my big eyes and my giant forehead. It weighs on you when you look in the mirror and you don’t feel pretty because people are saying mean things about you. One day after school I started watching makeup tutorials online, and it was so cool! All of the beauty vloggers were talking about this one product, but I grew up in such a small town – my graduating class was 50 people – so I figured there was no way I could find the product. But I went to a beauty counter and they had it!

Oh my gosh! I forgot about beauty counters.

Yeah! A makeup artist at the counter asked me if I wanted to get my makeup done. I had never had it done before, so I said yeah. She did this really pretty sunset eye on me; using oranges, pinks, and a little bit of purple. When she was done I looked in the mirror and I felt beautiful for the first time in my life.

And then what happened?

Makeup has been an escape for me since then… from everything. It’s a whole different world to escape into. I would still get bullied at school, but their words just didn’t stick with me like they had before.

I bet all the bullies try to be your friend now.

Yeah, of course!

How do you deal with that?

Actually, this girl that was one of the main bullies added me on Facebook and I added her. But she started commenting on my photos like, “wow you’re so pretty.” I was like… okay.

She probably didn’t even remember she bullied you. People are crazy like that.

Well, but then she messaged me and asked if I could give her skincare advice. I tried to ignore her but it’s like, what do you do in that situation? I straight up gave her paragraphs on top of paragraphs about what products would work for her skin type.

So, you went about it by being a good person.

I tried. I was biting my tongue the whole time. But so I gave her skincare advice and then just deleted her off Facebook [Laughing].

How do you handle negative comments?

I’ve just heard it all before. And to be honest, the good comments outweigh the bad ones.

When you first started, were you nervous about putting yourself out there? Or posting your very first video?

It’s weird thinking back to it now. I did not understand the depth of how far it could go. I never thought that thousands of people would view my videos. But my fiancé films everything, and he gives me a lot of confidence when I’m not feeling confident in myself.

Have you revealed more of yourself to your followers as time has gone on?

Yeah! Everyone says that I’m so quiet, or that because I’m shy they feel like they’re not getting the real me at times. So I decided to post a video in which I opened up to people about why I’m like that. Ever since then, I feel so close to my followers and everyone who watches my videos. Now they know about my past because I made them aware of my scars. We are growing and learning together.

It’s really hard to convey who you are just on the internet. It’s a real gift in my opinion.

Sometimes for videos I’ll just hang out on my couch and talk about random topics so that my viewers can get a better idea of who I am. For example, I just adopted a dog and I plan on doing a video to introduce her. When you interject little pieces of your life into your videos, it just brings the bond between you and your followers closer.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself… physically?

I would have to say my freckles.

And what’s your favorite thing about yourself… on the inside?

I always try to see the best in a situation and to look at things in a positive light. I had to learn how to do that though. Now that I have, it’s really changed my outlook on life.

How did you learn that?

My fiancé was such a big help; he views the world in such a beautiful way and he is so positive all the time. Slowly he has taught me to look at the glass as half full.

So, why do you love colors so much?

I love colors. All of my tattoos are colorful and I think it’s just because I love to express myself that way. I’m really shy and an introvert, so I like to show people a bit of who I actually am without having to tell them!

When do you feel the most beautiful?

When I have a full face of color on; colorful eyes, colorful highlight and colorful lipstick. That’s when I feel like I can conquer the world.

Do you ever leave the house without any makeup?

Oh yeah, all the time. I always feel bad when followers recognize me and I have no makeup on. I’m like… wow, I’m the worst beauty blogger ever.

How do you make sure you stand out from other vloggers?

I just try to do my own thing to be honest. And I think my approach to makeup and colors and artistry is something that might be a little bit different… I hope. Yeah, I try not to think about it too much. I watch so many other Youtubers to see what’s trending, but then I’ll put my own spin on it.

Do you consider yourself an artist?

I would like to consider myself an artist.

If you’re having an off day and not feeling confident, how do you make yourself feel better?

Usually, I’ll put on comfy clothing and cuddle up with my dog on the couch for a little bit. I might watch an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians or something… it’s my guilty pleasure. Then I might do a face mask. Maybe double up and do two face masks. Depends how I’m feeling that day.

So you’re not going to force yourself to go out then?

No way. If I’m feeling off that day, I’m feeling off. I’m just gonna have a day off.

Are you big on following beauty trends?

I think trends are set by makeup companies and fashion companies, so they definitely aren’t the bible. You don’t have to only wear dark lipstick in the fall, you know?

What’s one beauty product you’d never leave your house without?

I would have to say a lipstick. Wait no, I don’t know! This is hard.

Don’t say SPF because everyone says SPF.

It’s probably lipstick because most of the time I’m like trying out different lipsticks and I’ll just wear it and call it a day.

Which one are you wearing today?

This is the Milani Amore Matte Metallic in 01 Chromatic Addict.

Do you wear makeup when you fly?

I’ll do my makeup on the plane actually.

Do you have a favorite beauty icon?

It’s not so much a beauty icon, he’s an artist and he’s Keith Haring. My end all, be all. I love him.

Is skincare as important to you as makeup is?

Yeah. I don’t wear foundation…

What? Why?

Makeup artists have tried to put foundation on me but I always break out in a rash and it’s just not worth it.

Wow my mind’s really blown. Okay retinol, yes or no?

I have these Pixi Glow Peel Pads that I think have retinol in them. They’re nice.  

What’s the best way to start incorporating color into your makeup look?

Orange eyeshadow is a great bright eyeshadow color to start out with — it’s going to flatter any eye color and can easily be toned down with browns if you feel like it gets too bright.

Last question: As of right now… this moment, what advice would you give the younger you?

That life is going to get really hard and sad for a while, but then you’re going to enter into a world that will blow your mind and allow you to conquer things that you never thought were possible. So keep going and enjoy the ride.

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