Jhonni Blaze releases her latest single, “Fumble,” talks about new music, growing up & more!

Jhonni Blaze is the rising singer/songwriter and actress destined to take over the airways. Jhonni is no stranger to the public eye; she’s had many high-profile relationships and has been very open about her road to recovery. We caught up with Jhonni as she’s hard at work promoting her latest single, “Fumble,” Download/stream here.

Featured Interview:

First and foremost, how are you? We’re big fans of you and your music and are glad to sit and chat with you! 

I am doing so well. Between working on my new sound, image,  movies, and merchandise, I can say it’s been a fantastic change of scenery for me! 

As we close the year, can you describe 2023? 

2023 has taught me to not always wear my heart on my sleeve, never give up on myself, push myself because no one does it as much as you can, have amazing, loving people around you, and MIND YOUR BUSINESS LOL.

You’ve been very open about sobriety and the importance of mental health. Can you explain your journey and where you are mentally today? 

My mental journey is probably my biggest accomplishment besides my weight loss journey and my growth. Eleven years sober is a blessing. It took my self, family, therapist, and friends to get where I am. It was a lot I had to let go and being angry with others’ decisions when I have now realized “I control my future. “ I never wanted to be the woman who says “ I used to be “ or “ I could have been, “ so that played a significant role in my choice of growing and healing. I always tell people, “You can’t achieve anything without your mind being right. You’ll crash out! I no longer become angry at people’s decisions, I don’t blame myself, and I love myself more than anything to not see myself back at an angry place 

What are some of the artists out now that inspire you? 

I would say Beyonce, sza, patti labella, fantasia, Brandy (omg, Brandy is my favorite singer ), HER, Billie Eilish, Paramore, Tori Kelly and so many more. I listen to all genres to understand true music. You can’t just say you love music and not know it truly. 

If you could work with any producer, who would it be? 

If you could work with any producer, who would it be?  Hit-Boy, Baby Face, Timbaland, Sir Charles, Pharrell, and Hitmaka. I like different sounds. I always challenge myself. Never want to be stuck to one sound.

Are you working on a full-length LP? 

This question is so funny because I have 3000 records I’ve made. Yes, so I can honestly say I believe I’m past due for an LP, LOL. I have been preparing myself with the records I have been sitting in because they mean a lot to me. Featured with Kevin Gates, Method Man, Trippie Red, JUCCE FROOT, and many more. I’m ready to drop everything at once when I listen to these records. Patience I always tell myself.

What does self-care look like to you? 

Self-care “SPA DAY,” LOL. J love massages, or if I have someone I’m talking to, booty massages work for me, lol. Meditation, working out, having “girl talks “ amongst people I trust, prayer, and studio to just express an idea.

You’ve been open about your fitness journey, leading to your latest Business Venture, Body Blazer waist trainers – How important is Fitness to you? 

Fitness means the world to me in my life and my career at this point. I won’t be young forever, but I can look and feel young by doing this workout and sticking to it. I really thank my trainer, “KING OF FITNESS, “ because I swear I was so depressed, and 265 lbs on a 5-ft female is a lot. Especially going through a breakup and depression, whew, child! I grew up in a family in that gym . I also had a diet plan with Dr Curves as well that would help me eat fewer portions of food. Those two combined are truly how I lost 75lbs. I started “body blazers, “ which is my waist trainer line , but I also show workout plans, meditation ideas I do , and what I eat . Never want anyone to think you just sit and get fit. It takes a lot of living on yourself, dedication, and patience. I’m glad I stuck to it. I have a website, IAMJHONNI.com. I then branched off other merchandise like shirts,hoodies, Jhonni lighters , and much more .

Do you have a signature fragrance? 

I’m not going to lie between Prada  candy , Chanel , and YSL MANNNNNNNNNN ! They got me by a chokehold . Don’t judge me but mixing them just does it for me.

How is your creativity disrupting the music industry? 

The fact I play and instruments, and I sing I know I’m a breath of fresh air . Every time someone hears me sing they are shocked because looking at me ! You would never think it. Not going to lie I like that it’s a shocker ! That is how I gained my following shocking folks . So when I record I remember them reactions and think of the craziest rift , tone , or cadence I can do to make sure it stamps me in this game . I’m a Gemini this what we do baby !

What’s an essential piece of advice that you can share with anyone wanting to be a part of the music industry? 

Be YOU. No matter how different it may look , or feel to someone else they are not you . I struggled with wanting to fit in at an early age and I’m glad because I quickly realized I’m not like no other, and I don’t want to be 

Lastly, 2024 will be the year of…..?

JHONNI ! I stripped my self from being “Jhonni Blaze “ and now I go by the name “Jhonni” fresh start , new looks , sound , and  determination on 100000! I don’t believe in “ I can’t “ I only believe in “I will “ 

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