Jennifer Medina’s Latest Lipstick Obsession Only Costs $8

Let’s be real… not everyone can afford to cough up $30 for lipstick. Besides, there are so many affordable options that you can pickup at your neighborhood drugstore.

New York City-based Venezuelan photographer Jennifer Medina can relate. “Mama used Revlon and so do I. Anything more expensive is a gift,” she says. In the Q+A below, Jennifer reveals her latest $8 lipstick obsession.

The most important beauty product for festival season?

Deodorant… hands down. And castor oil! I love applying it as mascara and lip gloss.

What’s your biggest tip to healthy skin?

Don’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day!

What skincare products are you in love with right now?

The handmade skin care package from Copper + Sage is amazing! I also recently started toning and cleansing my skin with the all-in-one Bioderma Sensibio.

What’s your favorite drugstore product?

Color Stay Revlon Liquid Lipstick — I use it for my lips as well as blush, and eyeshadow!

How do you keep your hair so healthy?

Heat tools don’t go near my hair unless someone is glamming me up. I always air dry, and I only wash my hair every 2 days.

If you could only do one workout forever, what would it be?

TRX! With my friend and trainer McKenzie Hayes.

What nail polish color would you be?

Pink and blue gradient.

Do you have an emergency pimple fixer?

A facial night with my best friend, model and skin guru Paul Craddock. And if I feel pimples emerging, I’ll take an extra dose of fish oil. Anti inflammatories allow for faster healing.

You’re going out for dinner and drinks with the girls. What color lipstick are you wearing?

Lipstick is pivotal. Deep red is my old faithful. But recently, I’ve been playing with oranges and purples.

You’re about to be on long flight. What product do you never fly without?

Definitely my Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist.

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