Jennifer Aniston Is Walking Around NYC Wearing $10 Flip Flops

People have all sorts of opinions on flip flops.

Some people think they’re basic, some people think they’re a summer staple and some people think they’re disease magnets which will probably end up killing them before they have the chance to see their (unborn) children graduate college.

Luckily for the sake of cheap summer footwear everywhere, Jennifer Aniston is firmly team flip flop. 


This morning, the paparazzi caught Aniston bopping around Greenwich Village in a pair of $10 plastic flip flops that look like something us regular people could buy at commercially mass-produced stores like Target, Payless, or literally any dollar store across the country.  

Honestly, seeing as Jennifer Aniston is still in the middle of her reign as the world’s most beautiful pothead, it’s nice to see her out and about being normal as fuck. 

Although word to the wise, if you plan on following Jennifer Aniston’s example this summer, and let’s be real, of course you are, make sure you remember to keep your foot etiquette game on point. 

Not to be a nag or anything, but toenails should be trimmed and polished at all times and under absolutely no circumstances should you leave the house without washing the previous day’s grime off the bottom/side of your foot.

Please and thank you, ladies. 

[H/T Racked]

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