Jay Z Just Made His First Public Post-‘Lemonade’ Appearance

While the rest of the world is still busy trying to figure out who da fuq this Becky is that Jay Z supposedly cheated on Beyoncé with, Jay is busy chilling at a Miami mystery hotel.

Bey’s potentially/probably unfaithful boo was spotted casually puffing on a cigar in Miami yesterday, looking like he didn’t know/care that his personal life was currently the talk of every town across America. 

Instead he just looks like, supes chill, bro.


Seriously, what do you think the source of his chill is?

Could it be because it’s only the potential Beckys in his life that have been getting trolled?


Could it be because Becky is more of a composite of all of Jay Z’s past infidelities than one easy-to-pin-down woman like this insider believes?


Could it be because he’s about to wish Beyoncé bon voyage as she embarks on a four-month long world tour? 


But just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world will never know.

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