Jackie and Kelso Had Their First Child: But What’s Its Name?

Calling all fans of Jackie and Kelso, the King and Queen of the ’70’s have officially had their baby girl! We already know that the child was born last night in LA, we are also pretty sure that the child is going to grow up to be a huge babe! But what we don’t know yet is the name of the daughter. Well, because celebrity baby names are always fun, and because we just need more reasons to obsess over this attractive family, we have come up with a few possible names for the new Kunis-Kutcher member.



Because we just want to keep That 70’s Show nostalgia going for as long as we can.



Now that the K name theme has been effectively dropped from the Kardashian-West marriage, perhaps Kunis and Kutcher can start it up for themselves? Keeping up With The Kutcher-Kunis’ sounds like a pretty good idea to us.



Because of that famous Lakers game kiss that signified that they were officially an item.



Because with parents like these, that is pretty much what the kid is destined to be.

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