Jack Powers lights up the “House Party”

Summer is almost here, but Queer Pop artist Jack Powers is already inviting you to feel the heat and join the fun with his new certified dancefloor bomb “House Party”, which is all about making the absolute best of a night out, be it by yourself, with your friends or with that electrifying someone you’re making chemistry with.

The New-York Based artist is already a rising star in the pop scene, featuring alongside Icon Madonna on the covers of PAPER magazine. Jack is a multi-hyphenate powerhouse, a true-blue performance artist combining poetry, fashion design, and  dancing skills to bring about the most mesmerizing pop show you’ve seen in a hot minute. 

“House party” is indeed all about fun, and its greatest prerogative is in persistently inciting you to let loose and get your body moving to the overwhelming electro beat; try as you might you cannot resist the call of a Friday summer night when Jack Powers is around and he’s bringing down the house with all that bass. 

Watch “House Party” HERE

On the track, Powers said, “House Party is about a crazy night out on the Lower East Side with my friends who are all Popstars. We were in a club, but when I looked around, it felt like a house party. Everywhere you go, you have the opportunity to turn that space into your own epic house party. It was produced by Kitty, aka The Pom-Poms, whose music has inspired me and my friends for years. Working with her feels like plugging into the source of this style of music. I’m so grateful to collaborate with her and push what has influenced me so much into new sonic territories together.” 

The music video for “House Party” is less visually rich than some of his previous work, but no less interesting. Working with a simple off-white background juxtaposed with a crazy and eye-popping Barbie doll wardrobe. Jack takes center stage and shows off the POWER behind all those years of training as a dancer paying off through his impeccable choreography, denoting (in spite of the relative simplicity of it all) his penchant for visual communication and methodical flamboyance.

So if you feel it’s getting hot out there, and you’re feeling antsy to get moving, “House Party” might just be the anthem you’re looking for to give you all the buzz and energy you need to make this summer count!

Photos: Linda De Cayenne




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