Jack & Jack spill their dos and don’ts of dating

If there’s anything you should know about Jack & Jack, it’s that girls go absolutely insane for them.

The pop duo (consisting of Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson), who found instant success through Vine in 2007, have an army of die-hard fans who pretty much follow their every move and scream bloody murder at the very sight of them. The kind of love their fans have for them is pretty reminiscent of Bieber-fever and it’s really no surprise why once you spend about five minutes with them.

Aside from having major pipes and killer rapping skills, the guys are extremely humble, funny and truly kids at heart (peep our behind the scenes video with them at the bottom of this post). Plus, who doesn’t love hot guys who sing?

We hung out with the guys at the PH-D Rooftop Lounge in NYC to chat with them about how fans can get their attention on their Fall 2017 tour, what they look for in a girl and their go-to mood playlists.

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So you guys are on the road now and obviously there’s a million screaming fans in the audience trying to get your attention. What’s something a girl can do to catch your eye from the crowd?

JG: Something that anyone can do to get my attention from the crowd, girl or guy, is be present and be in the moment. Scream the lyrics or move your body, dance. I love finding those people that are genuinely enjoying themselves. That’s how you get my attention.

JJ: Yeah, and as great as it is to capture those moments from concerts on your phone, I think it’s good to put that away for a bit and just really be in the moment.


Do you have any crazy stories from the road? Has a fan ever done something really out there to get you to notice them?

JG: This wasn’t this tour, but this came to my mind immediately when you said that. Last US tour, we were playing FIFA on our bus and just hanging out. We heard the door open, and that’s normal, people come in and out of the bus all the time, but this person was a little more excited than the average crew member getting on the bus. It was a girl who seemed to be slightly intoxicated and she ran up to me as I was playing FIFA and gave me the biggest hug. I was like wow, that’s awesome, I loved that hug! [laughs] But then we had a security guy who gave her the boot off the bus. Very ballsy though!

You guys have a huge social media following and there’s always tons of people commenting on your photos and DM-ing you. What’s one way someone can stand out and get you to respond?

JJ: At least for me personally, I would say do something original. Sometimes I see the same girl say the same tweet like thirty times in a row and I’m like wait, you’re just spamming the same tweet why would I respond to this? If it’s a one off, I can tell it’s a genuine comment and it’s something that they really want to know or something that means something to them, then I think I’ll pay a little more attention.

JG: I would say luck is a big part of it, like you said there’s a mass amount of numbers coming in at any moment, but if you somehow know I’m on my phone tweet me or Instagram me.

JJ: Tweet you? He doesn’t even use Twitter! [laughs]

 What about dating wise? What’s something about a girl that grabs your attention when your out? Is there a certain way a girl dresses or something she does that attracts you?

JG: I would say there’s no specific fit or clothing attire, it’s more about the way you carry yourself.

JJ: I think it’s about being confident in whatever you’re rocking. I like when people approach me first, I’m bad at breaking the ice, I mean I’ll try but I’ll fail miserably! But yeah confidence is a big turn on.

JG: Be nice too!

JJ: Yeah, don’t come up to us and start cussing us out! That probably wouldn’t be the best.

JG: Maybe though, who knows! Depends what kind of mood. [laughs]

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So, if you’re out on a date with a girl, what’s something she can do to make you be like, “Wow! I want to see you again”? What keeps you interested?

JJ: It’s kind of cliché, but I like when girls play hard to get and I like when they don’t, I guess, give you what you want right away because there’s kind of that sense of the chase. There’s always fun in the chase.

JG: Yeah, I like someone who leaves it up to the mind a little bit and makes you think.

JJ: You got to work for it! Take them on three dates, four dates before you even get that first kiss! A little chase, a little hard to get-ness is key I think.

What about a deal breaker?

JG: Deal breaker on a date… I’m going to put my napkin on a table and walk out…

JJ: Damn, what could she have done to you Gilinsky? [laughs]

JG: If she’s like, talking shit on my mom? [laughs] I don’t know!

JJ: A deal breaker for me would be… Let’s say she’s a Trump supporter on the first date. See ya! I’m out.

JG: Oh yeah, get her out.

JJ: I don’t like to involve politics in my personal life, but we got to draw the line at some point, right America?

JG: It’s like you know you have no future with this woman if she truly believes in his ideals and morals.

JJ: So yeah that would be my deal breaker! There’s probably more but that’s off the top of my head I guess.

What’s your date playlist like? What kind of music do you play when you’re trying to set a mood?

JJ: I’m going to put on some Daniel Caesar, “Japanese Denim.” Hopefully they’re already in love after that song. I feel like that song alone is like baby cupid in song form.

JG: But at the same time maybe throw some Florence and The Machine in there? I don’t know!

JJ: Florence and The Machine? Name three songs!

JG: I have no idea.

JJ: That’s what I thought.

JG: But I respect her! She’s an artist, she’s out there, maybe my girl is into her. Regardless, I’m going to put in a little work, I’m going to do a little stalking. You know, call her mom, maybe she has a sister, call her sister like, what’s her favorite song? (laughs) Nah, I’m just kidding. I’d play my favorite music.

JJ: Which is?

JG: Daniel Caesar.

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Ok, last question. If you had to recite a song, word for word, to save your life, what would it be and why?

JG: This is such an easy answer for me and it’s very specific because in Social Studies large group I would never listen and I just started writing lyrics down to songs that already existed because I was that bored.  So I started writing, “Crush a bit, little bit, Roll it up, take a hit
Feeling lit, feeling right, Two AM, summer night,” and if you don’t know, that is Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi. I was like the biggest Kid Cudi fan freshman year, 2010.

JJ: I would say Nightmares Of The Bottom by Lil Wayne. That’s definitely one. Lose Yourself by Eminem, that would be one. That was the was the first rap song I ever memorized and I’m still obsessed with it!

Photography by @photosbykeridolan


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