Here’s what it looks like inside Niall Horan’s Flicker Sessions

Trying to get into one of Niall Horan’s Flicker Sessions is like trying to push your way through a never ending mob.

If you thought getting tickets to one of the shows was hard, actually getting even somewhat near the venue is a whole other battle. Girls were actually trying to sneak in through the stage door… we’re not even joking!

But, lucky for us, we had photo access inside the sold out NYC show at the Beacon Theatre this Wednesday night. To be honest, if the whole show was just him speaking, we would’ve been totally fine with that. There’s pretty much nothing better than hearing that Irish accent live and in person… or watching him hip thrust into the beginning of Slow Hands. Like, seriously, we could watch that for hours on end.

Anyway, it’s super clear to see that Niall is just as humble and appreciative as ever, making sure to thank the thousands of screaming girls a number of times throughout the performance. He also has a way of making a room full of that many people feel incredibly intimate. Plus, it seems as though his voice only gets better with age. And his looks. Take a look at some exclusive shots below.

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