Why Everyone’s Mad At J. Lo For Tweeting ‘All Lives Matter’

In a misguided attempt to promote her new single, “Love Makes the World Go Round,” which benefits the victims of the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, J Lo made the mistake of tweeting out the hashtag #AllLivesMatter.

Or at least, whoever used to control her social media accounts before getting fired made the mistake of tweeting it out.


The tweet was quickly deleted, and an Instagram post with the offending hashtag was quickly edited.

Unfortunately for J. Lo, these mistakes weren’t caught quickly enough and a lot of people were justifiably angry at the singer.

Just in case you’re still confused, here’s why tweeting #AllLivesMatter is a seriously unwoke move:

While nobody is disagreeing that all lives matter, it’s not all lives that are being disproportionately discriminated against, arrested, and murdered.

Currently, it’s black lives and queer lives that are.

When you say all lives matter, it’s like you’re trying to say that white people matter too, and nobody needs to be reminded of that because just look at the history of our country.

White people have always had the upper hand over any other race who chose/was forced to make America their own, so no, nobody in America needs to be reminded that white lives matter.

It’s safe to say nobody on J. Lo’s team meant any disrespect when they tweeted out #AllLivesMatter. We can give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re just ignorant of the phrase’s implications. But in this day and age, ignorance is no excuse.

Sadly, this is just the latest example of Jennifer Lopez’s apparent obliviousness to heavier events.

If you’ll remember, her last single was a song about female empowerment which just so happened to be produced by the highly problematic Dr. Luke, the producer who’s been accused of drugged, raped and manipulated Kesha throughout her career. 

Word to the wise Jenny: if you’re trying to use your celebrity status to make a change and be a force for good in America, you NEED to do your homework and get woke before your ass gets dragged through the mud in subtweets.

Or at the very least, you need to hire people who are.

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