J Law Is ‘Casually Dating’ Another Middle-Aged Man

If you’ve read any interview J Law has given within the past year, then you’re well aware that she considers her dating life to be “really sad.”

Six months ago, we took it upon ourselves to right this tragedy by coming up with a list of 7 wonderful men who were worthy of dating a rich, talented blonde movie star, but instead of heeding our advice, J Law went and picked a balding middle-aged man to be her boyfriend instead.

Yesterday, People broke the news that according to a source close to Lawrence, J Law and “Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky have “been hanging out and are casually dating.”

Just in case you forgot or never knew what Darren Aronofsky looks like, behold the face that’s possibly shtupping J Law on a casual basis.

Side note: ignore everything that tweet says. J Law makes millions more than every other woman in Hollywood right now, so she definitely doesn’t have to date a director to get good casting.

But back to the point.



Is this supposed to be relatable? Because you’re dating somebody who’s uglier than you but it doesn’t matter because he’s a “creative genius”?

That kind of move may be cute at 19 when you go through your tortured artist phase but let’s get real, J Law.

You do not deserve a man whose best hairline is already behind him.

Now what are you waiting for, girl?

Dump his ass before November rolls around and you decide you’re too cold and lazy to care to push his warm body away from you because he showed up with the spring rolls you like, and you delude yourself into thinking that’s as close as you’ll ever get to love until springtime.

[H/T People]

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