J Law Continues to Make Millions More Than Any Other Woman in Hollywood

Looks like J Law is going to have to work extra hard to be relatable this year because Forbes just named her the highest paid actress in the world for the second year in a row.

This year, Forbes estimates that J Law made $46 million, which is $13 million more than Melissa McCarthy, the second highest-paid actress on the list made, $25 million more than the third-highest paid actress made, and you get the picture. J Law is killing it.

She’ also the only actress under 30 to make it onto the list which is both an encouraging sign for women over 30 that life goes on after your roles start to dry up, and a rallying cry for women under 30 to get out there and demand that money they deserve.

If you’ll remember, last year J Law wrote an essay about Hollywood’s wage gap problems, and you can bet your ass that her insistence on getting equal pay is responsible for her beastly income.

Maybe it’s time for J Law to finally accept that her dreams of being the most relatable woman in show business are over so she can become the aspirational icon the world needs.

[H/T Forbes]

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