Ivanka Trump Wears Colored Contacts?!

When it comes to Ivanka Trump, there’s a lot take in. But for all the time we’ve spent discussing her behind-the-scenes brand of politics, her fashion choices, and even her no good very bad Instagram presence, there was something major about Ivanka we missed.

Her eyes change color all the damn time.

Either she’s literally magic or Ivanka Trump has invested some of her reported $740 million net worth into some colored contacts.

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Back in November, Esquire noticed Ivanka’s eye color was as inconsistent as her father’s stance on the Republican party platform.

Sometimes they’re dark brown, her natural color.

#EstadosUnidos. El hijo de Trump revela cómo influyó Ivanka en la decisión de bombardear Siria. La influencia de Ivanka Trump sobre su padre parece llegar incluso a las decisiones militares del presidente. En una entrevista con el diario The Telegraph, su hermano Eric Trump declaró este martes que está “seguro” de que Ivanka alentó la decisión de su padre de bombardear una base militar Siria la pasada semana como respuesta al ataque con armas químicas en Ildib en el que murieron más de 80 personas incluyendo niños. Lee más en nuestra edición. The Objective: el mundo en foco. Link en bio. Foto: Kevin Lamarque/ @reuters #theobjective #photojournalism#fotoperiodismo #trump #donaldtrump #eeuu #unitedstates #usa #eeuu #ivankatrump #ivanka #kevinlamarque #photography #fotografia #images#news #actualidad

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Sometimes they’re hazel.

And sometimes they’re decidedly green.


Now yes, there are people with eyes that change color depending on where they are, but I somehow don’t think that’s what’s going on here, especially because for the most part, Ivanka’s eyes only look hazel or green when she’s giving television interviews or meeting with heads of state one-on-one.

When it’s just time to take a poorly lit selfie with her kids, she usually sticks to being Donald’s little brown-eyed girl.

Why does she do this?

Who knows and honestly, who cares?

Celebrities wear colored contacts all the time to switch up their looks and have a little non-surgical fun with their biology, and more likely than not, that’s as deep as Ivanka’s love of switching up her eye color goes – although if you’re reading this and you want to spend fifteen hours of your life crafting a conspiracy theory about how Ivanka changes personalities with her eye color, make sure to e-mail it to me when you’re done.

Let your freak flag fly, Ivanka.

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